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AVL Projekt has become the distributor for DiGiCo

In late May 2016, AVL Projekt became a distributor for products made by DiGiCo company from Great Britain, the world-renowned manufacturer of audio mixing consoles. Distributorship applies to the territory of Serbia, Montenegro, Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This distributorship makes us especially proud, because DiGiCo offers products whose quality no one questions. In the upcoming news, we will write about DiGiCo's products in details and so explain the basis of our great satisfaction with this distributorship.


When the audio professionals first set their eyes on DiGiCo D5 Live, everyone took a deep breath. And held it for quite some time. There was the digital mixing console that offered the best from the world of analog audio consoles. It was all there, all the diversity and richness of the options that a digital environment could provide.


A decade later, the SD series set new standards. Nobody has yet managed to surpass its ultra-fast, user-friendly interface. For many sound engineers, this series is still synonymous with successfully combining analog smoothness and digital clarity.


However, expectations are constantly rising. In a world of sharp competition not only among audio engineers, but among the owners of the consoles as well, everybody wants the best possible tool in their hands. Audio professionals want the console that is, at the same time, well-designed not only for the use on major events, but ready for the world of art as well. 





The number of the models is impressive. All are based on the SD technology (Stealth Digital - FPGA technology that is key to enabling incredible amount of possibilities with great flexibility):


1.       SD5, SD5B, SD5CS

2.       SD7, SD7B, SD7T – it’s safe to say that this is DiGiCo’s flagship!

3.       SD8, SD8-24

4.       SD9, SD9T, SD9B

5.       SD10, SD10-24, SD10T, SD10B

6.       SD11, SD11i, SD11B

7.       S21


No matter what the mixing console we are talking about, in each of them DiGiCo incorporates distinctive design, skills in developing a product and expertise in the field of digital engineering. These three together have contributed to creating some of the most innovative and successful digital audio solutions in the world.




One more ingormation...the first order of DiGiCo consoles has arrived! Feel free to contact us in order to explore this superb audio mixing consoles.

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