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AVL Projekt has become an authorised distributor of the Italian company RCF

RCF is an Italian manufacturer of audio equipment founded back in 1949. in the city of Reggio Emilia. The city is famous for its diverse and rich cultural heritage, but also for its engineering and inovation. Today, more than 250 people are employed in the company which sells its products in more than 100 countries throughout the world.

This distributorship makes us especially proud because RCF is positioned as a global leader in the design, manufacturing and marketing of high-tech professional and commercial audio products. During the years of development and operations, RCF has never ceased to grow through diversification of its product range. Therefore, it is now able to satisfy every kind of need in the field of sound reproduction, starting from a single product, through simple systems to large, complex projects. In RCF, the latest technology goes hand in hand with traditional skills and craftsmanship in manufacturing audio products.

Since sound is a broad and complex concept, the possibilities of its utilization in real, everyday life are virtually endless.


Therefore RCF produces such a wide range of products that are constantly growing while maintaining, as a common denominator, indestructible spirit of innovation, control over all aspects of production, care for every detail and passion for sound.


The range of products covers the following areas: 




TT+ Touring&Theater – From small provincial theatres to largest open-air concerts, RCF has a solution that combines superb sound quality with optimum audience coverage.





Pro Sound – RCF offers modern sound reinforcement solution to professional users, designed so to satisfy the needs of rental and production companies.









Live Sound – RCF people have sound in their blood - this passion is reflected in every loudspeaker produced in RCF. 











Recording and headphones – decades of experience have resulted in a new reference for studio monitoring from RCF 









Precision transducers  – the beating heart of every RCF loudspeaker design - also found in other manufacturers' products worldwide. 








Commercial audio/EVAC  –  clarity, intelligibility, safety and security are RCF's watchwords wherever messages are to be communicated to an audience.







Installed Sound – hotels, nightclubs, retail shops, sports arenas are among the facilities that benefit from high-quality RCF sound. 








Mixing Consoles – The elegant and reliable solution for any audio application for live and fixed installation.









In the coming perion, we will write about single products, but in the meanwhile feel free to contact us for any information about any RCF's product.  

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