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AVL Projekt has become the authorized representative of the Canadian Radial

A few days ago AVL Projekt became the authorized representative for the products of the Canadian company Radial.

Radial is a manufacturer of professional audio products based in Vancouver, Canada
The company was founded in 1991 and was initially involved in the manufacture of cables only. First Radial DI BOX was produced in 1996 and was called Radial JDI. It is produced even today, after 20 years and after having found its place in almost every important music event.
Radial is a global leader in audio interface technology, guitar effects, but also a significant supplier of acoustic materials.
Quality design, exceptional audio performance and excellent pre and post sales support have contributed that Radial becomes and for many years has been one of the most respected  and trusted brands in the industry.
Another key reason why Radial is so successful is its very successful cooperation with many artists from the music world who use Radial in the studio or on tours, such as Steve Wonder, Tommy Emmanuel, Chick Corea, Steve Lukather and many others.
The company today, with over 50 employees, exports globally, throughout the world and provides excellent support for every customer. Every year Radial delivers over 60,000 electronic components and thousands of square meters of acoustic panels.
Radial brands are focused on creating products for the market of professional live audio, and audio recording. In addition, most of Radial product has a three-year warranty.
In the future we will write about individual products and we invite you to contact us for all that you personally would like to know and to try out Radial equipment that we have in stock.
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