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AVL Projekt has become an authorised distributor for the Canadian VIQ Solutions

After winning the public procurement for the installation of equipment and software for audio recording in several Serbian courtrooms, AVL Projekt has received the status of an authorized distributor for goods and services of the Canadian company VIQ Solutions.

VIQ Solutions is a global expert in the field of digital recording technologies. With improved approach to the collection, storage and management of recorded AV material, its products enable organizations of various sizes and purposes to increase efficiency, improve data security and reduce operating costs.


VIQ Solution software has found its place in organizations such as the courthouses, the investigation rooms in police stations, insurance companies, air traffic control, health care institutions and many others. The aforementioned software "logs" digital content that comes from any audio/video source, provides online collaboration, mobility, analytics, and integration with voice recognition system, manages records from a given court case or the medical documentation of a specific patient.




What makes VIQ stands out from others is the fact that they deal with solutions, not products. Their simple, yet sophisticated software uses a powerful database technology to raise the multi-channel, digital audio/video capture to the next level. Advanced features such as an indexed multimedia attachments, powerful search, integration with databases of third parties, automated and centralized storage of data, and unmatched security, enable seamless control of recording, flow and collaboration of digital AV captures.



Call us to find out about many other features and capabilities of VIQ solutions, keeping in mind that customized solutions are what set them apart from the competition. 

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