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DPA Microphones in The World of Film Sound – In the Words of a Professional

For 25 years, Zoran Karajlović has been working as a sound recordist for Radio Television Serbia (RTS) and is someone who uses DPA Microphones in his work. To our satisfaction, Zoran kindly accepted our invitation to talk about it.

So, we rolled up our sleeves to prepare well for the interview beforehand by researching the information about our partner in dialogue available on the Internet.

We were surprised to realize that the search resulted only in a long list of sound recording jobs on the IMDb site – the world's most popular and relevant source of information about movies and TV series, the teams that worked on them, as well as celebrities from the industry. Thus, we once again confirmed to ourselves that we would have a "master craftsman" as our communicator. We couldn't wish for more.


Working on RTS


Being employed in one company for two and a half decades today may not be in line with the labour market trends. However, when it comes to working on national television and sound recording for film and series, the 25 continuous years testify to the authentic interest in sound and dedication to work.

While talking to Zoran, we learned that working on RTS was a privilege for Zoran from the first day, because as a young man he got the opportunity to learn about sound recording from older colleagues and great mentors. With their help and thanks to personal affinities as well, he learned to appreciate sound and to always strive for its highest quality possible, because that is the only way to reach the highest levels of knowledge and their application in practice.


Personal experience with DPA Microphones


In his work, Zoran uses several different models of DPA Microphones.


To choose DPA 6060, a 3 mm subminiature microphone, the nature of the sound was crucial, i.e. its faithful reproduction, as well as the ability of the model to withstand high levels of sound pressure without distortion. With a miniature size and top-quality workmanship of the microphone itself, as well as the accompanying cable, the DPA 6060 has proven to be a reliable partner in the work of a sound recordist.


DPA 6060


According to our partner in dialogue, the DPA 4017 Shotgun condenser microphone, although of a different nature of the sound, "gets along really well" with DPA 6060, as well as with other manufacturers’ microphones he uses in his everyday work. It has high output and wide dynamics. It captures sound in an impressively accurate, clean and musical way, and is immune to RF interference. It also tolerates well operation in unfavourable environments, for example, where the humidity is high.


              DPA 4017


For DPA 4097 CORE Micro Shotgun Zoran says that it "creates wonders". With a linear response, low distortion and extremely large dynamic range, it always sounds fantastic which is a big advantage when the sound is recorded, for example, in a moving vehicle or the script requires the actor to make noise. At the same time, it is made so that it can withstand intensive use on the film set: wind and rain machines, tight suits, quick changes - all these are normal situations when filming, which is why it is necessary to use durable microphones.


                 DPA 4097


As he uses other top-quality audio devices in his work, such as Sound Devices 888 mixers/ recorders or Lectrosonics transmitters, it was important that the chosen microphones perfectly match them. It was not hard to imagine that this is exactly what would happen, because between DPA Microphones and the two mentioned companies there has been a fantastic partnership recognized in the world of film production for quite some time now – a real all-star trio of its kind.


At the end of our interview, we thanked Zoran once again for his time and honest review of the DPA Microphones hoping that the models he owns will continue to prove their good reputation.


Photo: DPA Microphones; Mad Max: Fury Road



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