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Professional audiovisual systems for Korzo of the Kaleidoscope of Culture

Throughout the entire 2022, the life of Novi Sad has been marked by the status of the European Capital of Culture. The status is made even more significant due to the fact that Novi Sad is among the first cities outside the European Union to win this title and become one of the 60 cities that nurture diversity and interculturality.

Many cultural events and program sections marked 2022. One of the most significant in terms of duration and number of events is the Kaleidoscope of Culture. The Kaleidoscope of Culture is a project of culture of togetherness, which through different processes connects artist, cultural institutions, non-governmental organizations, citizens and tourists.



On September 10, symbolically starting at 20:22, the magnificent Korzo (Promenade, translator’s remark) was held - a large artistic and production event that moves the concerts of classical music out from the concert halls every year, thus making them available to all fellow citizens. At this year's open-air Korzo, visitors enjoyed a multi-hour performance of Brahms and Beethoven compositions by the Vojvodina Symphonic Orchestra and violinist Julian Rahlin with conductor Aleksandar Marković.




The magnificent event was technically and production supported by our long-time clients, the rental company Chameleon from Ruma, using equipment from our product range.

Along with the masterful performers, d&b audiotechnik speakers were on stage as the main sound system, but also in delay lines, while the orchestra used DPA microphones. Chauvet Professional lighting was in charge of the stage lights.



The main difference between this concert and the previous ones is the use of an impressive DiGiCo Quantum 225 mixer with many options for sound processing. With its performance, the Quantum series of consoles confirms why DiGiCo is at the top of the demands when it comes to world tours and prestigious events.



At the end of the concert, the visitors thanked the performers with thunderous applause for the wonderful concert, which was followed by an encore in the form of a performance of Brahms' famous composition Hungarian Dance no. 5 with magnificent fireworks.



d&b audiotechnik sound system, DiGiCo consoles and DPA microphones supported by Chauvet lighting proved to be a winning combination for the big event and our city once again proved to deservedly hold the title of The European Capital of Culture 2022.

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