Delivery of ROBE Pointe moving lights for The Grand Production at Košutnjak

In late September 2015, the AVL Projekt delivered ROBE Pointe moving lights and accessories for audio and lighting equipment for the Grand Production studio in Kosutnjak.

  • Client: Grand Production
  • Date of project: 2015

In early September 2015, the main lighting operator in Grand Production Goran Kravić, as well as the director of photography Nenad Stojkovic addressed our team in AVL Projekt with a request to expand the capacity of lighting fixtures in the Grand's studios with new Pointe moving lights. The request to our team was a logical choice of the both of the above-mentioned people due to the fact that they are both very satisfied with the supplied products and solutions that have been in use in the past two years.


8 new ROBE Pointe moving lights were delivered with some of the key features:

  • Beam, Spot, Wash and FX spotlight
  • 0° beam of light
  • 13 dichroic filters, 14 static and rotating gobos 9
  • hex linear and octagonal circular prism
  • Light output: 82,400 lux at a distance of 20m in beam mode


With these 8, Grand Production has purchased a total of 72 Pointe light fixtures that are arranged across studios 1, 5 and 7 in Kosutnjak.


For the already existing ROBE spotlights ColorWash 575 E AT i DeSisti Leonardo 5kW PO the appropriate bulbs were delivered. It’s needless to mention the outstanding quality of the ROBE moving lights considering that they have been in operation without failure since 2007, when they were first delivered.


In addition to the moving light also the following was delivered:


  • ShowLED parts for starry sky that was purchased a few years ago, and which was now necessary to service by replacing  the strings of LEDs for the new program "Grand Stars"
  • Sommer Cable multicore cables type Mistral MCF08 8x2x0.22mm2 for analog and digital signal transmission which proved to be excellent during the shooting, resistant to mechanical stresses and physical oppression by the technicians at the TV studio. The balanced cable has a PVC insulation around the wire pairs 2x0,22 mm2, which is a common application with the studio multi-core cables. The numbering and color codes on them are resistant to wear while the core pairs have extra weight, as well as additional shield made of Al/Pt foil (aluminum-platinum alloy). The entire cable is also shrouded in Al/Pt foil, making it 100% protected from the influence of electromagnetic interference in the studio. For additional protection against corrosion and oxidation, the conductive wire and the masses are additionally tinned
  • Audio and video HICON connectors of excellent quality made by Sommer Cable, available at a much more affordable price than the competition
  • Sennheiser wireless microphones - series EW500-935
  • DPA lavalier microphone in skin color


The special requirement in relation to this delivery was a deadline. Because of the start of the new season there was a need for urgent delivery, within just 7 days, in which the team of AVL Projekt succeeded.