Delivery and installation of audio and lighting system for Concept Bar & Restaurant KAFEMAT in Novi Sad and Zrenjanin

AVL Projekt installed two audio-lighting system in the bar-restaurant Kafemat in 2015; one in Novi Sad and another in Zrenjanin.

  • Client: Kafemat, Concept Bar & Restaurant
  • Date of project: 2015
After the successful cooperation while the installation of audio-lighting system in a bar in Novi Sad, and as its logical extension, Kafemat once again entrusted us with an opportunity to equip another bar. This time in Zrenjanin, and also with audio and lighting equipment.
The AVL Projekt team felt an obligation to do the job in the best possible way, because Kafemat in Novi Sad established itself as a place to love even before the first visit.
The implemented solution
Kafemat in Novi Sad was supplied twith the new 4-band audio system consisting of JBL loudspeakers series of STX, AM7212, as well as the legendary JBL sound box series Marquis Dance Club. This series is intended for clubs, because it allows high performance audio experiences compared to the one back in the 70s. The loudspeakers from this series bring an extraordinary JBL sound, proven reliability and state-of-the-art technology.
For the whole processing of audio signals dbx Drive Rack 260 and BSS BLU-100 were in charge together with the zone controllers that allow easy selection of the sound source, EQ and level control signal in the central hall or garden.
The legendary JBL Control 29AV-1 sound boxes were installed In the Kafemat's garden enabling working outdoors without any problem thanks to its membrane made of Kevlar and titanium driver in.
Complete lighting system is controlled via a dongle Avolites Titan One with Titan V9 software installed on a computer. About a hundred LED RGB group formed in strips, as well as intelligent moving lights, Spot and Beam, manufacturers Chauvet Lighting were installed as part of the lighting system 
As additional effects laser bars were installed, over the heads of visitors, whose visibility was further enhanced by smoke machine of German manufacturer Look Unique Solution 2.1. This smoke machine uses extremely small amount of  liquids, and thanks to its reliability it is the first choice of many rental companies and clubs.
For Kafemat in Zrenjanin, active JBL SRX Series of loudspeakers was chosen for the main sound system   controlled over the network. The central processor of the audio signal is again BSS BLU-100 with the zone controllers for selecting the sound source, EQ and level control signal in the central hall or garden.
Sound system in the garden was set by using loudspeakers JBL Control 29AV-1 and connecting them to the multi-channel amplifiers Crown XLS Series.
The lighting system consists of a group of 150 RGB LED strips, as well as of the intelligent moving lights Chauvet Lighting, and all of this is controlled via a dongle Avolites Titan One.
Also, as the additional demand from the investors, the interior rail system  Ravet was installed and controlled by the wall dimmer ETC SmartPack Wall Mount 12x2.3kW.