ETC Lighting Console and the Stage Curtain for the House of Culture „Students’ City“

In December 2015, AVL Projekt delivered a lighting control console and a stage curtain to the Student’s City in Belgrade

  • Client: The House of Culture "Student' City" in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2015

To control the classical lighting fixtures, LED lighting and intelligent moving lights in this cultural center ETC SmartFade ML lighting console was selected. This console offers the possibility of controlling up to 48 dimming channels via individual sliders, as well as of controlling up to 24 LEDs and intelligent moving lights. And all this at a very reasonable price.



Because of its simple use, the ETC SmartFade series of lighting consoles is the first choice of most users who are just starting to work with the control light. It is an interesting option for setting the scenes (as memories), which requires only the pressure of a single button. You can record up to 576 memories, with the possibility of crossing built up between them (sequence), as defined in the desired time frame, shown on the LCD display.


The keys offer the ability to change colors depending on the assigned function, and to change the intensity of the brightness depending on the signal intensity.


The display of the graphics parameters of lighting console on the computer is enabled via a USB connection and free ETC SmartSoft software, and the show itself can be recorded onto the SD card. The interface for connection is make of 2 XLR 5-pin connectors DMX512 (1024 output), MIDI input / output and USB.


After the delivery, our team performed the training of the client’s technicians with the aim to enable them to take an advantage of all the opportunities provided by the lighting console, with special emphasis on some of the advantages it has in comparison to competing products.


Also Showtex stage curtain  was delivered , model Molton with dimensions 10x6m and weight 300g/m2. It is a cotton curtain, black and opaque, and it meets the most stringent European standards for fire resistance.