Audio and lighting system for Q Club in Osijek, Croatia

AVL Projekt deliveren and installed the complete audio and lighting system in Q Club in Osijek, Croatia

  • Client: Q Club, Osijek, Croatia
  • Date of project: 2015

A client from the Croatia addressed us with the request to completely reconstruct the existing sound and lighting system.

Q Club, the most popular night club in Osijek, is located inside the Osijek fortress. This fact itself represented a challenge for our team since the lighting of the facade of the club was necessary to be carried out in accordance with strict rules of the Croatian Institute for Protection of Monuments, which Osijek fortress certainly belongs to.



The implemented solution


AVL Projekt team successfully responded to the challenge and reconstructed the entire audio and lighting system.


The sound system consists of the active speaker boxes JBL PRX 700 Series and the system processor from dbx DriveRack series, as well as of the audio mixer Soundcraft designed for live performances.


The basis of the lighting system represents RGB lighting in LED technology, which consists of 200 RGB LED strip group supplemented with a number of different lighting moving fixtures, also designed in LED technology because of the limited available power.


As an additional special effects RGB High power lasers and two Look Solutions machines have been installed for the production of smoke and fog, the Viper 2.6 and Unique 2.1. For the ful visitors’ experience,  CO2 cannons and confetti machine were installed.


The entire lighting system is controlled via a dongle Avolites Titan One with Titan V9 software installed on a computer.