ROBE Pointe moving lights for the rental company Sound Force

AVL Projekt delivered in November 2015 16 ROBE Pointe moving lights for the rental company Sound Force

  • Client: Sound Force
  • Date of project: 2015

The rental company Sound Force from Belgrade has decided to invest into a lighting system in order to improve the quality of their services and thus increase the impact on the Serbian market. Choosing the ROBE Pointe moving lights was the logical choice.


This is so because the multifunctional moving light Pointe proved to be very reliable and durable device. As such it has become, in a short period of time, an indispensable element on the rider lists of many artists, both the domestic and the international ones.


The key features of Pointe reflectors are:

  • Beam, Spot, Wash and FX spotlight
  • 0 ° light beam
  • Zoom Range: beam mode 2.5 ° - 10 °, spot mode 5 ° - 20 °
  • 13 dichroic filters, 14 static and 9 rotating gobos
  • 6-facet linear and 8-facet circular prism
  • Light output: 82,400 lux at a distance of 20m in beam mode
  • Lamp 280W, the duration of a lamp 2000 hours


The moving lights were delivered within 7 days, which makes them, in addition to a reasonable price, an excellent choice for all our clients, regardless of whether it is a TV studio that produces popular commercial content, or a theater and a cultural center where artistic content is created, or a company which "rents" light.