Digital wireless microphone system for the rental company Production Pool

In November 2015, the AVL Projekt delivered a digital wireless microphone system for the rental company Production Pool from Ruma

  • Client: Production Pool
  • Date of project: 2016

AKG DMS800 digital wireless microphone system is ideal for use in theaters, on conferences and for live and tour sound production.

It is designed to provide maximum accurate signal transmission and reliable operation achieved by protection from interferences, as well as the protection of confidential data through 512-bit encryption.


Ultra wide frequency range of 150MHz enables smooth operation in an environment filled with a multitude of frequencies from other wireless devices. The digital wireless audio transmission itself ensures the elimination of any distortion and noise. This is of great importance to a rental company that does live events where there is no possibility of subsequent repair of audio transmission. This was one of the primary reasons for the selection of AKG DMS800 digital wireless microphone system.


The system consists of 2ch receiver AKG DSR800 mounted in 3 independent rack, digital handheld transmitter AKG DHT800 and digital pocket transmitter AKG DPT800 for line or microphone signal. The receiver itself has a graphic frequency analyzer and integrated digital signal processor (three-band equalizer, dbx compressor and limiter). In addition to the analog outputs, it has a 2 x balanced XLR i.e. unbalanced TRS 2 x 6.35mm and digital outputs AES / EBU and DANTE.


With the handheld transmitters,  also AKG D5 and C5 were delivered, with different polar pattern and sensitivity.

In addition to the digital wireless system, a set of microphones from a wide range of AKG products (C 516 ML, C518ML, C519 M, C451B, D40, D112 MKII) was delivered for sounding different instruments, as well as the desk top stand STS DAM + with a "goose neck" microphone for smaller conferences.