The external sound system for the hydroelectric power plant Đerdap's locks

Last October, in cooperation with our partner, AVC PRO company, AVL Projekt was involved in the project of delivery and installation of an outdoor audio system for locks on hydroelectric power plant Djerdap 2 in Kladovo, Republic of Serbia

  • Client: Hydro electric power plant Đerdap 2
  • Date of project: 2013

Identified needs


The main need of locks on hydroelectric power plant Djerdap 2 was clear transmission of voice commands from operator to captain and crew of ships in the locks. The specificity of this need can be seen in the fact that it was necessary for speakers to be installed outdoor and precisely pointed in order to information can be clearly transmitted to the large area.



Implemented solution


Given the challenge in the form of harsh weather conditions, the optimal solution available included a robust speakers, designed for outdoor mounting. The choice was JBL Pro speakers from All Weather (AW) series, model AWC 82. In order to bridge a big distance, there are also installed high-resistance (100 V) line, so audio system was reinforced with Crown Audio amplifiers from CDi Series, which have DSP processors.


All Weather (AW) series include two -ons, which enables wide range of aplications - from sports facilities, stadiums, ice rinks, water parks, swimming pools and many other, both open and closed spaces.


Merting the users' needs


Bearing in mind that work in the locks should not be disrupted, regardless of the current weather conditions, choosing JBL Pro AW series appeared to be an optimal solution. Harsh weather conditions create the needs for audio system which will ensure that speakers can work at low temperatures and high humidity and, at the same time, could be able to archieve extremely high sound pressure, even at distances of over 30 meters, while preserve speech intelligibility.