Sonos audio sistem for the cafe Milanello

AVL Projekt has delivered and installed a wireless Sonos system for cafe/pastry shop Milanello

  • Client: Cafe Milanello
  • Date of project: 2013

Identified needs


Special requirements of the cafe/pastry shop Milanello reflected in the fact that the premise was purchased in the final stage od construction, when it turned out that there was no possibilty for installing speaker cables for the audio system. In order to overcome this problem, it was necessary to install a wireless audio system.



Implemented solution


The installation of the Sonos system was initially designed in order to overcome the problem, but then, in fact, it become clear that this solution has a number of advantages.


Thus, the control of the audio system is very simple, and with aforementioned system, users get the free software from the website of the manufacturer, thanks to which is possible to control the audio system via variety of media - computers, mobile phones, tablets (with support for iOS and Android operating systems).


In addition to simple controls, every Sonos component posses an indipendent audio zones, providing as many audio zones as there is components. Milanello has four installed Sonos Play 3 components.

The list of the advantages does not end here; upon registration the device via the internet, users ger completely free access to the following services for music streaming:






About Sonos wireless system


Sonos wireless systems find their use in all areas which require an independent zonal control of the audio system (such as, for example, smart homes). Thanks to the easy control and the possibility for broadening the system, it is possible to make a 5.1 home theater system that works completely wireless, adding Sonos Playbar, Sub and Play:1 components.


The thing that Sonos users makes content with it is its ease of use, a free music service and excellent HiFi sound.