Light and audio equipment for the Grand Production

AVL Projekt has delivered and installed audio and lighting equipment for the new 2013/2014 season for Grand Production in the Film City in Kosutnjak, Belgrade

  • Client: Grand Production
  • Date of project: 2013

Identified needs


With the beginning of the recording and broadcasting of the new season of Grand show, this studio has renewed its audio and lighting technology.



Implemented solution


When it comes to lighting, it is important to mention delivered ROBE Robine Pointe moving head which, since its appearance, was the very first choice of many light designers around the globe. More information about this multipurpose spot, beam and wash moving head, with extremely strong brightness and speed can be found here. A total of 24 Robin Pointe units were delivered to Grand.


Further reinforcement of Grand's lighting technology consists of DeSisti Leonardo 5 kW P.O. fresnel models. Their main purpose is usage in a professional TV studios and they are characterized by efficient optics that gives very clear and wide beam, durable construction and installation of custom floor stands and hanging positions. Another advantage of this model is simple and quick replacement of light bulbs, including easy access to replaceble parts. Leonardo 5 kW is Pole-Operated, which mean that their orientation can be adjusted from the ground via pole, while attached to a fixed position on the structure.


Portable lighting desk Avolites Titan Mobile has the force of powerful Titan Software, 4 DMX lines, integrated video-media server, Live Playbacks, Solo and Flash buttons for personal programming in "concentrated" packing, with the same size as laptop bags. With only use of a laptop computer, it is possible to maintain simple, fast and accurate control of lights, which makes it a great solution for lighting control of small and medium-sized installations.


HME DX210 Wireless Intercom System 7 communication unit was also delivered to Grand, which enables direct communication between director, audio and lighting operators and cameraman. Its biggest advantage is the uncompromising quality of signal transmission. Installed two-channel model, capable of connecting with the director directly to the base station, in order to achieve communication with the operators.


Regarding delivered audio equipment, first to mention is JBL EON 515 XT with 625W, which highlights are durability, high performance and ease of use. The technology beyond EON is based on improved input sensitivity, lowering the noise and tweaked sound precision. Built-in three-channel mixer in a speaker box with adjustable EQ provides control of the sound by the user and robust construction and ergonomic design provide long-term reliability and ease of use. In addition to speakers, Grand is supplied with BSS AR-133 single-channel DI boxes. As an upgrade of the existing wireless microphone system, we delivered wiereless microphone systems with handheld transmitters, manufactured by Sennheiser, from Evolution 500 series.


Additional accessories delivered to Grand includes dimmer 5 kW racks with power cables and junction boxes, light boxes, light bulbs for ShowLED starry sky, a set of Lee filters and additional light bulbs for existing lights.