Light technique for the Youth Theater

For the purposes of the premiere and subsequent perfromances of an extremely popular show "Drzavni posao", Pozoriste mladih decided to refresh its lighting equipment, for which delivery and installation AVL Projekt taken care

  • Client: The Youth Theater in Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2013

Identified needs


In late November, Pozoriste Mladih premiered the show played by the famous trio from "Drzavni posao". Prior to it, Pozoriste Mladih invested in a new lighting equipment. In order to satisfy the needs of this cultural institution, AVL Projekt has delivered and installed a total of 15 new spotlights.


Implemented solution


In Pozoriste mladih AVL Projekt has delivered and installed a total of 8 ETC and 7 ROBE spotlights.


These are 4 ETC S4 Zoom 25-50 degrees and 4 ETC S4 junior zoom 25-50 degrees models. The installed lighting units of the latest generation use HPL bulb and provide energy savings from 25 to 40%, compared to conventional spotlights. Due to the lower temperature dissipation, lighting designers will not have a problem with the melting of the color filters. The construction is made od cast aluminium with a one-handed controllable focus mechanism. With rotating mechanism knives ±25° made of stainless steel set on three levels, it is possible to shape the beam  with the sharp or soft edge, to the idea and desire of lighting desginers. Spotlights have two lenses that have an anti-reflective coating and are secured in anti-vibration enclosure. The body of the spotlight has the signs for angulation and focus adjustment, while the door on the body allows easy access when cleaning the lens. Spotlights have thermally insulated handles and dual fasteners that allow secure fixing of reflectors in the desired position. A slot provided for inserting gobo made of glass or steel and a slot with sliding cover for the insertion of iris of motorized gobos offer an opportunity for creating additional effects in stage. The lamp replacement from the rear of the spotlight is very ease, as well as its alignment without tools and setting a peak/flat beam.


The delivered models from ROBE inculed Robin 300LED Wash (3 units) and Robin LEDForce PAR 18 RGBW 25° (4 units). Robin 300LED Wash is intelligent wash moving head constructed via LED technology with 19 RGBW LEDs, and its main advatages are working without flickering, consumption of 200W with excellent linear motorized zoom from 15 to 60 degrees, which provides a uniform washing of scenes with a  wide range of colors. It also has the halogen lamp effect with temperature color from 2700 to 3200 K.


RGBW color mixing and CTO filter with dimming and strobe provide various effects on stage. All diodes are arranged in three concentric rings which can be controlled independently. We applied modern communication protocols: USITT DMX-512, RDM, ArtNet, MA Net, MA Net2. Robin 300LED Wash posses 5 modes with different numbers of DMX channels. Moving head has physically mounted 3-pin and 5-pin XLR data, as well as Ethernet port, Art-Net protocol and ACN. The device has built-in analyzer for easy fault finding and gravity sensor for auto screening positioning, including an automatic pan/tilt correction of position and battery for back-up of the system. Intelligent spotlight is applicable to any situation in which you require fast reflector with uniform brightness and saturated colors.


ROBE LED Force PAR18 spotlight has 18 4in1 RGBW 5W LED diodes in multichip Quad-colour technology and works without flickering. Compared to LED Par fixtures - which are commonly in use - they have extremely strong brightness, so that every cent invested in them pays off when you use it for the very first time, because it requires a much smaller number of devices LED Force PAR18. With a low weight of only 4 kg and hanging on the truss or setting on the floor features, it comes with a standard angulation of 25 degrees and can optionally have a lens of 10 degrees with quadruple flaps.


Similar projects implemented by AVL Projekt are delivery and istallation of spotlights and dimmers for Ustanova kulture Palilula and for television B92, including Opera & Theatre Madlenianum, were we delivered Robe Robin 600LED Wash, the older brother of Robin 300LED Wash model.

Only the part of the atmosphere before the show can be seen in the pictures. For full experience it is necessary to see the scene on the spot. The programme of Pozoriste mladih you can find here.