The delivery of the light equipment for the Mixer House

AVL Projekt has delivered ETC Source Four spotlights for the Mixer House club in Belgrade

  • Client: Mixer House, Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2013

The purchaser of this project is Idea Plus Communication advertising agency, for the investor Phillip Morris, cigarette manufacturer, whose advertisement is illuminated in Mixer House.


Delivered spotlights are 4 units of ETC Source Four 26 degrees model. They use HPL 575W bulb and provide significant energy savings, compared to spotlights with classic bulb. The spotlight is made of cast aluminium and has a rotating mechanism knives ±25°, made of stainless steel, which can have adjusted form of the light beam, in order to satisfy customer preference, with sharp or soft edge of adjusted focus. In this way it is possible to highlight certain parts of the area, and in this case it is Phillip Morris ad.


Spotlights are equipped with thermal insulated handles and double clamps that provide secure fixing of reflectors in the desired position. Replacing the bulb on the back of the spotlight is very easy, as well as its alignment without tools.