The improvement of the implemented 3K conference system in "Isidora Sekulić" high school

AVL Projekt has demonstrated all of the advantages of video streaming the school activities at "Isidora Sekulic" grammar school from Novi Sad

  • Client: The High school "Isidora Sekulić", Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2013

The new technological trends are changing courses of many areas of human activity. One of the most important area of such activities is education. Therefore, the modern means that are used in the classroom not only makes it more interactive, but on a much bigger scale meet the expectations of students, compared with conventional means of teaching.


AVL Projekt has ensured the improved quality of 3C conference at "Isidora Sekulic" grammar school, through the delivery of audio, video and simultaneous translation system. It is a 4th International 3C conference (CCC - Computer, Communication & Culture) about the application of computers and current software packages during the presentation of the new methodological approach to a learning content.


SBP delivered Braehler's system for simultaneous translation for two languages and with 50 units, and audio system consisted of Soundcracft GB2 mixer, AKG GN50, AKG HC577 L, AKG WMS470 and Perception Wireless 45 microphones, including JBL EON 515XT speakers.