Audio and light equipment for the Hungarian Chamber Theater in Senta

Last November, AVL Projekt delivered audio and lighting equipment for "Sencansko madjarsko kamerno pozoriste" theatre

  • Client: The Hungarian Chamber Theater in Senta
  • Date of project: 2013

Identified needs


The repertoire of Sencansko madjarsko kamerno pozoriste usually consists of contemporary Hungarian and world literature. The need of this theatre included expanding the existing audio and lighting equipment.


Implemented solution



Delivered audio equipment included Soundcraft EFX8 mixer with Lexicon effect processor, which has eight microphone inputs (via XLR i TRS 6.35 mm connectors) and two stereo inputs for connecting audio sources (CD player, computer, tablet, mobile phone) and meets the needs of users for organising smaller events. Two AKG Perception WMS45 microphone systems with handheld transmitter operate in audio system without disturbing, thanks to possessing five independent adjustable frequencies, which prevents interference between channels.


Active speaker system JBL EON315 with 280 W from EON Series has adjustable EQ, which provides a sound set by user, for the speech or dynamically demanding audio content. Rugged construction and ergonomic design ensures long-term reliability and ease of use.


For the purposes of audio system, we have delivered stands manufactured by German manufacturer König & Meyer, model 21435 for the speakers and 27105 for the microphones, including audio cables SommerCable, type Stage 22.2 x 0.22mm2, with excellent price-quality ratio. These cables are an excellent choice for fixed and mobile installations, thanks to high quality insulation with shield which will remain flexible even at extreme weather conditions.

When it comes to lighting technique, to be more precise - the control of lighting, this task was entrusted to the ETC SmartFade 2496 lighting console, which offers control up to 96 dimming channels via individual fitters. Users on the beginner level of expertise can find an option for saving the scenes quite useful, because it only requires the pressure of a single button. You can record up to 576 memories, with the possibility of making transitions between them, defined in the desired time frame, shown on the LCD display. The keys offer the ability to change colours depending on the assigned function, with changes in the intensity of the brightness keys, depending on the signal intensity. Display of graphic parameters of the lighting console at the computer is possible thanks to USB connection and a free ETC SmartSoft software, a show can be recorded on SD card. Interface for connection makes 5-pins XLR connector DMX512 input/output, MIDI input/output and USB.