Dimming units for the Serbian National Theater in Novi Sad

AVL Projekt has delivered dimmer units manufactured by the renowned Electronic Theatre Control (ETC) to Srpsko narodno pozoriste

  • Client: dimming-units-for-the-serbian-national-theater-in-novi-sad
  • Date of project: 2014

For the purposes of Srpsko narodno pozoriste, we delivered ETC Smart Pack 12 x 2.3 kW units with harting outputs.


Delivered solution includes 12-channel ETC dimmer units with 2.3 kW per channel, with modest size of just 2 HE. They work with completely noiseless temperature-controlled cooling fan with high-quality 100 µs toroidal filters. With standard DMX input/thru connectors, they have RI45 connectors for SmartLink, which allows you to remotely control multiple units via wall commands, without lighting console.


Parameters of the dimmer are displayed on the LCD screen with backlit in two rows, with 20 characters, and the passage through a menu of dimmer unit is done via six buttons, including simple patch of the system. Indication of the presence of power and DMX signal is displayed via LEDs.


In the dimmer unit are installed pre-sets (32) and sequencers with programmable dimming (fade) and delay (hold), which offers the possibility of independent work without lighting console, whit the option of choosing between different dimmer's output curves. On a dimmer's unit, there is power switch that sends the unit in stand-by mode, while the auto-restart function returns the unit to its previous state when switched on again.


As output connectors on the dimmer unit there are 16-pin harting connectors. Distribution of the dimmer's lines is controlled by multicore cable 18x2.5 mm2, manufactured by SommerCable, with harting connectors of the aluminum housing protected by IP65, shock and corrosion resistant, including a distribution boxes also with built harting connector and CEE/schuko outlets.

For DMX communication between utilities and dimmer (and moving-heads) on the stage is used wireless DMX communication with one two-channel transmitter mounted and directed by two receivers on the scene.

Identical dimming units were installed in TV B92, TV Prva, Grand Production Studio and Zepter Creative Studio.