Audio equipment for the Crowne Plaza Hotel

AVL Projekt has supplied and installed audio equipment for a newly opened Crowne Plaza Hotel in Belgrade

  • Client: Siemens/Crowne Plaza
  • Date of project: 2014

At the end of the 2013, in cooperation with the main constructor Siemens - Belgrade, AVL Projekt has delivered and installed the audio system in conference rooms in Hotel Crowne Plaza in Belgrade.


Implemented solution


Within the central device in a large ballroom Pacific, DSP zone controller BSS BLU-100 with touch screen remote control unit, four-channel amplifier CROWN DCi 300/4, monitor panel RSC MU 307, Blu-Ray player Harman Kardon BDT-30 and 3 wireless microphone receivers from AKG WMS-470 Series (2x Vocal Set + 1x Presenter Set) are installed. In the ceiling of the ballroom we installed 18 JBL Control 26CT speakers, divided in 4 zones and for presentation and small musical and theatrical events purposes, there is an installation for connecting four portable active speakers systems JBL EON-510 (portable set). In addition to wireless microphones, 4 wired AKG D5 with matching floor and table top stands are provided.


Two larger conference rooms Mediterranean/Adriatic and Baltin/Aegean, which can be divided in tfour smaller rooms, have central device composed of: mixer-zoner DBX 640m, two-channel amplifier CROWN DCi 300/2 and two wireless microphones receivers from AKG Perception Wireless 45 Series (Vocal Set + Presenter Set). 16 JBL Control 24CT are installed on the ceilings of these rooms, divided into two zones. Besides wireless microphones, each room has 2 wired AKG D5 microphones with matching top table stands. For the sound coverage in the rooms once they are divided into four separate rooms, we installed two portable devices with CROWN 14M mixer and 2 wireless microphone receivers from AKG Perception Wireless 45 (Vocal Set + Presenter Set), which is connected to a built-in amplifier. Independent adjust of the reproduction level in some parts of the rooms is done by matching wall-mounted DBX attenuators.


4 portable active speakers system JBL EON-510 with floor stands and 4 sets of portable wireless microphones from AKG Perception Wireless 45 (Vocal Set + Presenter Set) are installed for sound covering other areas within the hotel.



The word of the supervisor


Engineer Goran Sakota, supervisor on the project, says about the delivered equipment: "With the audio systems for conference rooms that have been delivered by AVL Projekt, we achieved an excellent sound coverage and intelligibility of speech content for presentations, conferences and other similar events. Thanks to the application of DSP zone controllers, the management of equipment is simplified, and the big ballroom has fitting touch screen command unit, which provides a user with a choice between different programming scenarios with the minimal necessary signal correction. Also, on the request of the investor, portable set of audio equipment has been delivered, in purpose of covering other areas within the hotel, but for more demanding events, this set will be addition to the audio equipment in the big ballroom."


Equipping the Crown Plaza Hotel is a great challenge and so far it has been impossible to respond to it fully. "Investor has adjusted the extent of equipping the conference rooms with its realistic needs and possibilities for use, with the intent of hiring rental companies for adding additional equipment, IR system for simultaneous translation and audio systems for concerts at first place. For the purposes of connecting rented equipment there are necessary installations, enabling quick linking and removing of the equipment, without affecting the interior," explains Goran Sakota.