Light, video and audio equipment for the new TV Studio 5 at the Grand Production

AVL Projekt has delivered lighting, video and audio equipment for Grand Production's new TV studio 5, located in Filmski grad, Kosutnjak

  • Client: Grand Production
  • Date of project: 2014

Lighting equipment


For the purposes of Studio 5, AVL Projekt has delivered a total of 19 luminaires and a lighting console.


10 delivered luminaires are ROBE Robin 300 LED Wash model - intelligent wash luminaire produced by using LED technology, with 19 RGBW LEDs. Its main advantage is working without flickering, which is very important for a TV studio. All diodes are arranged in three concentric rings, which can be controlled independently. Power consumption is only 200 W. Extremely linear motorized zoom from 15 to 60 degrees enables painting the scene uniformly. It also has the effect of halogen lamp, colour temperature from 2700 to 3200 K. The RGBW colour mixing, CTO filter and strobe effect allow achieving various effects on stage. 3-pin and 5-pin XLR connectors Art-Net protocol and ACN ready are mounted on intelligent luminaires, which also support RDM protocol. Possessing an automatic pan/tilt correction of position and battery back-up system is extremely important for lighting console operators.


The remaining 9 reflectors are ETC S4 Zoom 15-35 degrees. They provide energy savings from 25 to 40% compared to incandescent luminaries, which has proven on the spot, during testing by Grand's technicians. On that occasion, we used a halogen 750 W lamp. Due to the lower thermal dissipation in comparison to conventional luminaries, a light designers will no longer be faced with the problem of melting colour filter, which is certainly an advantage over competing products. The construction of those luminaires is made of cast aluminium with a one-handed controllable focus mechanism. Rotating knives mechanism ±25°, made of stainless steel, set on three levels, enables shaping the beam to LD's ideas, with sharp or soft edge. Signs of angulation of field and focus adjustment are positioned on the body of the spotlight, while the hatch of the body lens allows easy access when cleaning the lens. The luminaries have thermally insulated handles and dual fasteners that allow secure fixing of reflectors in the desired position. As a result, even during long-term operations and heating lights, there will be no release of clumps and shifting the luminaire from the desired position. As an accessory, we delivered the metal gobo holder and iris, which is inserted into the slot with a sliding lid, while the top hat should be placed on the position of the filter holder. The cylindrical shape of a top hat protects the "camera eye" of flickering and glaring caused by luminaires, which is crucial for TV studio. On profile luminaire, lamp replacement is extremely simple - with easy access to the rear of the luminaire, as well as its alignment without tools and peak/flat adjustment of the light beam.


Suitable solution for remote control of the lighting devices comes from Avolites. It is their Titan Remote software: an application which is available for free download for Android and Apple operating systems.



Video equipment


Studio Berar Projekt has delivered LED screen manufactured by Darklight Technology, model Indoor P5, produced using SMD technology, for indoor use, with 3.072 x 2.304 dimensions. Given the high-resolution screen, one can easily show the tiniest detail of video content. Used type of LED diodes is Silan. With the delivered software, it is possible to calibrate the colour temperature of the screen. Renewed manufacturers from Taiwan and Japan made all electronic components, which guarantee a long lasting and reliable use. The delivered solution has signal and power connectors on the outside for quick assembly/disassembly of equipment, which is important because of the frequent changes of screen position, depending on the show.


Managing video content on the screen is done by media servers, manufactured by Green Hippo, model Hippocritter, which possess 4 layers, allowing simultaneous display of 4 independent contents on the screen. Layers are filling with content from media server base (images, animation, video), and it is possible to show text files of video inputs from cameras. It can be played via media player, with standard commands for playing the video content (forward, rewind, repeat, etc.), and additional effects can be obtained by modifying the geometry of contents, their rotation, changing the colours (Keystone, Geometry, Colour, FX effects, ScreenWarp functions) and so on.



Audio equipment


Regarding the audio system, Studio 5 has JBL LSR305, Soundcraft Si Expression 3 mixing console and AKG CK31 microphones.


The main purpose of JBL LSR305 is monitoring, so this speakers are used for production, recording and broadcasting purposes. One of their main advantages is professional performance at a very affordable price. More about these speakers can be found here.


Soundcraft Si Expression 3 mixing console has 32 faders and microphone inputs, so enables the possibility of mixing up to 66 inputs via Soundcraft Stagebox (including two new Mini stage boxes with 16 or 32 inputs (16x8 and 31x16). Digital mixing pult has significant number of advanced options, inherited from bigger consoles, which position it in the class of those consoles which provides much more possibilities than most consoles in the same class. Some of these characteristics are 4 independent Lexicon effect processors and support for the following protocols, using an expansion card:  AESTM, AVIOMTM, CobraNetTM, BSS Digital Audio Bus (BLU Link), DanteTM, MADI (CAT5 or optical). Another useful feature is control via ViSi Remote 2.0 software. ViSi Remote is an application for iOS operating system that provides remote control of Soundcraft digital consoles, without additional hardware. New 2.0 version has new functionalities that further simplify control of the mixer from any position.


Delivered microphones are AKG CK31 - condenser capsule with cardioid characteristics and high performance. Thanks to the wide angle of reception, the microphone capsule is ideal for inexperienced speakers and situations where more than one person uses the microphone. The wide frequency response enables audio performance optimized for speech. The capsule has a gold-plated touch and comes complete with a protective windscreen that eliminates unwanted sound, like noise or crackle.



Long-term cooperation


AVL Projekt and Grand Production has a long history of successful cooperation. Besides, the equipment with similar features we have delivered repeatedly recent years: for television (B92, Prva) and the like.