Audio system for Victoria’s Secret shop at the Airport Nikola Tesla

In March 2014, AVL Projekt has delivered the audio system for company Dufry, which has been installed at Victoria’s Secret store at the airport of Nikola Tesla

  • Client: Dufry
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


A new audio system has been installed In Victoria’s Secret store at the airport Nikola Tesla, derived from the need to deliver high-quality sound and ambient sound. The store has installed video wall, which is connected to the audio system, in order to synchronise picture and sound.



Implemented solution


Delivered and installed audio system consists of 4 JBL Control 65P/T speakers and a Crown 180A amplifier.


JBL Control 65P/T is a satellite pendant speaker that provides full-range audio. It features a 5.25" woofer and a silk-dome tweeter that deliver high-quality audio with a wide frequency response, which makes it ideal for music or speech applications. The speaker has JBL's exclusive Radiation Boundary Integration (RBI) technology to provide 120° of consistent conical coverage.


Amplifier Crown 180A meets the needs of one-zone audio systems and it is high-value for commercial use. Is is a part of Crown’s Commercial Audio series and its affordability makes it a perfect fit for different budget ranges.





Installation on a busy location as the airport has had its challenges. In addition to special permissions required, delivery and installation of equipment should be made after the last flight, so the work does not interfere with working hours of the store and travellers that are visiting it.