Light and audio equipment for the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad

This month, AVL Projekt has delivered audio and light equipment for the Department for Stage Design at the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad

  • Client: The faculty of technical sciences, Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2014

Identified needs


Under the auspices of the PIU Research and Development, in the framework of the project ’’Technical and technological status and potential of facilities of cultural centres in Republic of Serbia’’, AVL Projekt has delivered audio and lighting equipment for the Faculty of Technical Sciences in Novi Sad. Now students of Department of stage design within the Department of architecture and urban planning have the opportunity to work with professional equipment and thus acquire the necessary skills for using this type of equipment and testing theoretical knowledge into practice in the field of stage design, with focus on projecting and constructing physical structures on the stage.



Implemented solution


Delivered lighting equipment includes ETC profile luminaires S4 Junior zoom 25-50 degrees, Junior S4 50 degrees, S4 Fresnel, S4 PAR and S4 PARNel; ETC SmartBar2 dimers, SmartModule2, lighting console SmartFade 1248 and Cuelux software for lighting control.


Delivered ETC professional ligting equipment can be used in all types of venues and students from the Department of stage design will use it. Luminaires are very flexible in operation, with easy of access for replacing light bulbs, adjusting the focus and angulation, quick and easy installation. In addition, it visually fits any interior, which is of particular importance for architecture/stage design students.


Construction of profile ETC S4 Junior Zoom 25-50 degrees is made of cast aluminium and features a rotating mechanism knives ±25° made of stainless steel with which is possible to make a beam shaped by desire of a lighting designer or customer, with a sharp or soft edge by adjusting the focus and emphasize elements on the scene. The body of the luminaire has marks for field angulation and focus adjustment, while the hatch on the body of the lens allows easy access when cleaning the lens.


Luminaires have thermally insulated handles and dual fasteners that provide secure fixing in desired position. A slot provided for inserting gobo, made of glass or steel and slot with sliding cover for the insertion of the iris or motorised gobo offers an opportunity to create additional effects on stage. Lamp replacement is extremely easy and is done in the back of the luminaire, as well as its alignment without tools and setting the peak/flat beam.


ETC S4 PAR, delivered in standard ETC’s package, has four interchangeable lenses, which simple change leads to different width of light beam, instead of changing the bulb (as in classic PAR’s). Other type of delivered PAR luminaires is S4 PARNel, which has changeable focus from 23 to 43 degrees (spot/flood). Corresponding flaps are delivered, too.


As fresnel reflector, we delivered the ETC S4 Fresnel, whose structure is made of extruded aluminium, with one-handed controllable focus mechanism


Delivered dimming unit is ETC Smart Bar 2, 4-channel dimming rack with channel power of 2.3 kW with double schuko output. Dimming rack is designed to be mounted on a tripod for lighting, but due its construction, it can easily be mounted on the ceiling. Another dimming unit is ETC Smart Module 2, also 4-channel, with channel power of 2.3 kW with schuko outputs, with rubber edges, very suitable for mobile versions of lighting systems. The parameters of the dimer are shown on the LCD screen with backlight in two rows, with 20 characters and 6 blue-fluorescent keys for moving through the menu, including simple patching of the system. Indication of the presence of power and DMX signal is displayed via LEDs.


ETC SmartFade 1248 lighting console has an ability to control up to 48 dimming channels through individual sliding potentiometer. Beginners can find interesting an option for recording scenes, which only requires the pressure of a single button. You can record up to 576 memories, with a possibility of making transition between them, defined in desired time period, shown on the LCD display. The keys offers the of the lighting console is available via USB connection and free ETC SmarSoft software, and show can be saved on SD card. Connection


Cuelux is the most intuitive software for lighting control, manufactured by Visual Productions, which combines a wide range of existing and new features. Cuelux is used for controlling an intelligent and LED lighting, dimmers, lasers and other effect devices. Software program is independent and is specially tailored for Mac, Windows and Linux. Software is delivered with the USB adapter to the DMX, for easy connection to a laptop. The key to success of Cuelux is graphical interface that allows you to learn quickly how the software operates, which represents an excellent solution for lighting designers and rental companies. Cuelux has 512 channels, unlimited number of Cue lists, groups, 64 playback faders, wide range of personalised files, and also has the possibility of remote control via the iPhone. Free software can be downloaded here.


When it comes to audio equipment, we have delivered JBL EON 210P speakers, AKG Perception WMS45 Wireless Microphone system and AKG Elle C condenser vocal microphone.


JBL EON 210P is portable, lightweight and easy to use speakers system. It has active mixer (2 x 150W), 4 mic/line inputs and the ability to connect two stereo audio sources (computer, CD player, phone or tablet). Each input has tone controls (equaliser) and a built-in digital effects processor. The system provides clear sound and is ideal for all kinds of events, with delivered K&M stands.

AKG Perception WMS45 wireless microphone system with handheld transmitter works smoothly in audio system, thanks to possessing 5 independent adjustable frequency, which prevents interference between channels. The transmitter works with one AA battery which operating autonomy is 8 hours.

AKG Elle C is condenser vocal microphone with thin, elegant structure and 24-karat gold-plated XLR connectors and gold-plated body membrane, which provides optimum conductivity and resistance to corrosion and humidity. Protective metal mesh cushions undesired sound (noise and crackling).

For connecting audio and lighting systems, we used signal cables of German manufacturer Sommer Cable, type Stage 22 and Binary 234, with 3-pin and 5-pin connectors manufactured by Neutrik.