Christie projectors for the Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina

At the end of the summer 2015, AVL Projekt delivered CHRISTIE projectors for the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce.

  • Client: The Chamber of Commerce of Vojvodina
  • Date of project: 2016

After the successful installation of audio and video systems in the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce in 2006, the time has come to modernize the existing video projection system in the conference room. The old projectors were replaced with the new ones, Christie LX501 projectors.


Christie LX 501 offers the flexibility and the power of illumination required for presentation at a professional level. This is of great importance to our client having in mind the large number of important events organized for entrepreneurs, both at domestic and international level.


Optionally, the projector can be supplied with different zoom lenses, which actually represents an ideal solution for presentation spaces whose size is variable (from small to medium-sized ones).


The projector has a USB port for connecting a wireless USB dongle. This allows the presenter to display his presentation from the source computer wirelessly.


The maintenance costs  for LX501 projector are minimal considering that the lamp life is up to 4,000 hours in Eco mode, while the functional filter life is 20,000 hours without cleaning.