AMX control system for Grundfos

In December 2015, AVL Projekt delivered and installed the AMX control system for the company Grundfos in Indjija

  • Client: Grundfos, Serbia
  • Date of project: 2016

With the increasing number of technologies and operating platforms in the area of ​​training sale in the company Grundfos, the need to integrate all platforms in one place has emerged. Our long-standing client turned to us with such a request.


AMX imposed itself as a logical solution. Its hardware and software solutions enable the management of the complex systems in a reliable manner. AMX systems can be found all over the world, installed in conference rooms, command centers, hotels, established institutions, private houses and premises of the whole range of different purposes.



The central unit of the system is a device Novara CP-3008 All-in-one Keypad/Controller. This device has 8 programmable buttons and a rotary knob, and is also the controller. In this installation, it is designed for the control of the pre-installed LCD monitors, projection screen and projector, as well as the level of audio signals in the training hall, and for the regulation of brightness in a room by controlling the position of the blinds.




Through AMX Resource Management Suite software the diagnosis and the management of the system via the web has been anabled. In accordance with the request of the client, corresponding user-defined scripts, that are executed by pressing the appropriate button, have been set.