ETC DMX wireless communications for a theatre in Novi Sad

In February 2016, AVL Projekt delivered ETC DMX wireless communication for the Serbian National Theatre in Novi Sad

  • Client: Serbian National Theater
  • Date of project: 2016

A few years ago, our company supplied the theater with one of the wireless DMX systems. As it proved as a justified investment, there was no doubt that the theater would want another one when the time was right.


ColorSource Relay system of distribution of wireless DMX signal is characterized by easy and quick configuration of the system, as well as with a very reliable wireless communication up to a distance of 100m.

The transmitter is simply tied to the source of the DMX signal, in the case of the SNP that is a lighting console. The receiver is a wireless DMX signal which may be attached to a spot light hanging on the structure or being mounted on the wall.


The novelty compared to similar systems DMX wireless communication is that the receiver itself has a distribution of 16A (PowerCon in/out connectors) to power the intelligent lighting that can be automatically turned off by simply turning off the DMX signal sources. The presence of DMX signal can be verified on the receiver, and the current level of DMX signal, supported by the RDM protocol.

32 receivers of wireless DMX signal can be linked to a DMX transmitter.


The following video effectively explains the mode of operation of ColorSource Relay system:



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