Fog generators for the rental comany Toske SFX

AVL Projekt has delivered additional machines for generating fog with accompanying accessories to the rental company from Belgrade, Toske SFX.

  • Client: Toske SFX
  • Date of project: 2016

Toske SFX is a rental company which bought the first machine from us to create fog, model Unique 2.1. in 2015.

This time they have requested to purchase additional fog generators. For this purpose, the owner of the company visited us in Novi Sad so that together we could visit Giardino, a club-restaurant in Novi Sad. Giardino’s fog machine Viper 2.6 has been in operation for many years without causing any troubles.


After activating the machine, our guest from Toske SFX was impressed by the amount of the fog that had been produced in a short time which was crucial for the decision to purchase this product.


The amount of generated fog can be precisely adjusted in steps of 1% (0-99%) using an internal timer built into the machine and for the stand-alone mode, or via standard DMX control, wired or wirelessly. Due to the possibility of precise adjusting the amount of fog produced, the machine is suitable both for use in small spaces, as well as in large ones. And all this thanks to strong external fan with the power of 800W.


For all the rental companies working with our team it is very important to have the complete post-sales support, both in terms of trained service personnel, the procurement of spare parts and in terms of the possibility for the continuous suppliy of various types of liquids that are always available in AVL Projekt’s stock. Toske SFX bought different fluids for Viper 2.6: Regular, Quick and Slow Fog Fluid with which different effects on the scene can be created


The fluid is harmless to people and the environment, for which we have the proper certificates.