Digital Audio Recording for 18 Serbian Courthouses

AVL Projekt has equipped 18 courtrooms in Serbia with the equipment for digital audio recording. The job was obtained after successful participation in a tender announced by the US Embassy in Belgrade, being the sponsor of this project. Tender was wearing the official name "Digital Audio Court Recording System".

  • Client: Serbian Judiciary
  • Date of project: 2016

Two courtrooms in Niš, one in Kragujevac, three in Novi Sad and twelve courtrooms in Belgrade found themselves among these 18 courtrooms. The aim of this pilot project was to start the modernization of the judicial system in Serbia, in so far as it relates to the method of recording a court process and the possibility of using records later.


Equipping each of the courtrooms meant the acquisition and installation of computer equipment and microphone units, as well as software for digital audio recording produced by the Canadian manufacturer VIQ Solutions.


After installing, the professional team of AVL Projekt went through the intensive training dedicated to installing software on individual computers, as well as learning about its many features. The aim of the training was to become fully functional when it came to training others to use software, in this case those were the judges and secretaries, with intention to make each individual trained for independent work in the software.

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