Wireless conference system for JP EPS Belgrade

Earlier this September, AVL Projekt has delivered and installed a wireless conference system for the needs of the Public Enterprise EPS Belgrade. The realization of the work came after our successful participation in the public procurement competition.

  • Client: Public Enterprise EPS Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2016

The responsible people from the Public Enterprise EPS Belgrade defined in the tender documentation the requirements for the supply and installation of a simple system for conference meetings hall in Belgrade. By simple they meant quick and easy setup, or what is today known as plug&play solution.


We supplied them with AKG CBL31, the professional boundary microphone for wireless use. It is based on a robust stand with cardioid capsule CK31. Due to its solid construction, it amortizes vibrations very well. The device has a switch for mute, and the user can observe the status of the microphone through the LED strips.

Different AKG transmitters can be installed in an enclosure thanks to which the transformation of the microphone into completely wireless solution is enabled. The solution itself is mobile which fulfills the basic requirements of the client.


In addition, the following audio equipment was used in installing the system:


As an additional option the computer  for recording the conference was required for which it was necessary to install a user-friendly software for recording with audio card Lexicon Omega.


The result of the cooperation on the project is the customer’s satisfaction with the installed solution, but also with the cooperation with our colleagues, which people from EPS Belgrade expressed as a praise for the organized training and acquired skills for self-management of the conference system.