Video-presentation system for the company Struja d.o.o.

AVL Projekt has delivered the video-presentation system for the company Struja d.o.o. from Novi Sad.

  • Client: Struja d.o.o
  • Date of project: 2016

Struja d.o.o is a company whose core business is construction and design of electrical installations, industrial automation, as well as the construction of power stations, transmission lines and networks.


The executives from Struja d.o.o to start a training center for its employees. Bearing in mind the activities of our company, which they are well aware of thanks to the cooperation on joint projects, they hired us to deliver to them a small video-presentation system.


AVL Projekt has delivered projector Sharp PG-D3510X, with brightness of 3500 ANSI and XGA resolution. It is ideal for releasing PowerPoint presentations, which was a basic requirement of our client. The projector is designed in DLP technology with BrilliantColor, a new technology that offers 6 rotating wheels for mixing colors. Therefore the projector delivers significantly more saturated colors and realistic view images than other projectors in its price range.


AVL Projekt also has delivered the electrical projection screen that was mounted on the wall. The manufacturer of the screen is our supplier, MW Screens. The screen is of type ROLLFIX Pro Electric, dimensions 240x182cm, black rimmed to increase the contrast. To control the lowering and raising of the screen, a wall control was installed.

MW Screens produces a wide range of projection screens, from the cinema screens for different projections (front/rear), for 2D or 3D projection with passive and/or active glasses, projection screens with aluminum frame for wall mounting or hanging, electric screens for mounting on the wall and/or ceiling, and there is also the option of mobile solutions. This means that a screen is packed in a carrying case.

All canvases are available at very affordable prices compared to the competition.