Stage Drapes for the Cultural Center Prokuplje

After a comprehensive reconstruction and renovation of the building, on Monday, 17th October 2016, the Cultural Center in Prokuplje was officially opened.

  • Client: The Cultural Center Prokuplje
  • Date of project: 2016

The completion of works was eagerly expected by all the employees of the center who, because of the several delays of completion, were temporarily housed longer than expected in the lobby of the local cinema.

While the reconstruction was ongoing, and because of inadequate conditions of their temporary accommodation, cultural workers of this institution were not able to fully express their creative potential and capacity. Now, the overall satisfaction is even greater, because the citizens of Prokuplje finally will be able to attend cultural events in a much more pleasant and adequately equipped space.


Our Work


AVL Projekt delivered 2 red stage drapes for the front stage portal, in the dimensions 800x500cm. Curtains are made in Molton textile and manufactured by J&C Joel with eyelets for hanging and a pocket on the bottom. The drapes themselves were sewn with 50% of folds. They meet all the necessary fireproof standards.


J&C Joel offers various possibilities in relation to equipping any space with stage drapes. Thanks to this, and in cooperation with our professional team, it is possible to get a stage drape that will fully support each of your ideas regarding their design. Contact us for more information.