DiGiCo Systems for Chameleon Rental

The Chameleon Rental Company provides services of the complete AV production of concerts, festivals and other related events, all the way from the development of the project idea to its implementation. Some of the events that adorn their rich portfolio are EXIT, Love Fest, Foam Fest, Green Love, Fortress Theatre, White Sensation, Naissus Fest and many others.

  • Client: Chameleon Rental
  • Date of project: 2022

Chameleon is a highly positioned company in the rental business thanks to the knowledge, effort and rich experience gained during more than two decades of duration. It is recognised as the rental company who continuously strive for innovation of work equipment. Special attention is paid to the winning combination of high manufacturing quality, reliability of the equipment during use and provision of all the desired and necessary functionalities.


Before the latest summer season started, Chameleon had decided to improve audio production by acquiring a new digital audio console with exceptional performance.


They chose the DiGiCo Quantum 225 - channel mixing console with a 1 x 17” LCD high-resolution touchscreen, 25 physical faders, as well as 72 input and 36 output channels. Like its larger counterpart, the Quantum 338, the Quantum 225 offers all of the Quantum features plus new design features and enhancements in a smaller format console. It is equipped with a practical support that makes the desktop of the console even more intuitive to work with. This enables the use of a laptop, KLANG:controller or an additional screen for moving through the KLANG:app, control and movement of faders, monitoring, etc.

It also offers a superb set of tools for refined sound processing: Mustard Processing, Nodal Processing, FPGA Processing, Spice Rack Plugin and True Solo. It has an option for Waves Soundgrid interface, which allows an additional 64 inputs and 64 outputs.

A DiGiCo Quantum MADI Rack with 48 microphone inputs and 24 analog outputs is also supplied. Dual MADI ports allow rack sharing at 48kHz between any two SD Range or Quantum consoles.


After the Quantum console proved to be an excellent solution for sound processing during live events, Chameleon decided to acquire a popular model from the SD series - the DiGiCo SD11 mixing console.

This console is one of the most sought after compact portable digital consoles featuring Stealth Digital Processing and Super FPGA technology. The SD11 is compact whilst providing a high channel count: a full 48 input channels at 48kHz or 96kHz. The master section incorporates 12 gangable 32-band graphic EQs, six stereo effects (selectable from a palette of 33), and eight control groups (VCAs). With its steel chassis and polycarbonate-overlaid aluminium worksurface enveloping the trademark 15-inch TFT LCD touch screen and 12 touch-sensitive moving faders, the SD11 is the very epitome of strength and agility.  Using snapshots, you can switch between complete configurations in any live environment easier than ever before, be it at rehearsals, during system setup, or even at a show.


With the new DiGiCo mixing consoles Chameleon provided a new dimension of sound processing at festivals and concerts during the summer season. Thanks to this tandem, the company’s rental team is fully prepared to respond to the most complex audio challenges during the technical realization at future events.