Sound and Light for "The House On The Water"

In the summer of 2016, AVL Projekt designed and installed the sound reinforcement and lighting system for The House On The Water, one of the clubs that operates within the Balkan Beat Bar company.

  • Client: House on the Water
  • Date of project: 2016

As they themselves like to say for the club, "a place originated from the atmosphere, and the atmosphere is of the Balkan Beat style", The House On The Water is intended for fans of crazy fun. Located on the Fishermen island, one of the most popular parts of the city to go to, it is considered among the visitors to be one of the most beautiful club-raft to spend some really good time at.



The Installed Equipment


For the places like The House On The Water to fully meet the expectations of visitors, it is necessary to design and install the sound and light system that will be able to meet the technical and technological requirements for typical DJ and live performances.


In equipping the premises with the audio and lighting equipment, we used the following products:



The Challenges In Installation


The biggest challenge in the execution of this work was extremely short deadline for the entire project. In just 7 days it was necessary to design a solution, do the electrical wiriing and the installation of low voltage, as well as the procurement, installation and commissioning of the complete system. As always, AVL Projekt successfully met all the challenges and all the entire job was done on time.