Sound and lighting for the first Novi Sad Winter Fest

The first "Winter Fest" at the central square in Novi Sad officially opened yesterday. During the next two months, the city of Novi Sad and its guests will have the opportunity to enjoy the rich cultural, entertainment, educational and gourmet program.

  • Client: Winter Fest Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2016

The needs of the client


In order for the planned program to run smoothly, it was an imperative for the organizers of the two-month winter festival to purchase the appropriate audio-visual equipment, which would be designed and installed according to the professional audio-visual instructions, and yet easy to use.

Therefore, it was no surprise that the authorities addressed AVL Projekt for the supply and installation of sound systems, lighting and stage and construction.



The implemented solution


The supplied sound reinforcement system consists of passive loudspeakers RCF V35 and V221-S subwoofers for which the 4-channel amplifier RCF QPS 9600 is responsible. Xilica XA-2040 takes care of audio processing. Active loudspeakers RCF ART 315-A MK3 found themselves in the role of monitor speakers. A number of Audix and AKG microphones also were delivered.

Since the stage is intended to host smaller scale concerts which would be broadcasted, the active microphone/line splitter XTA DS8000 was supplied, too. 


When it comes to lighting system, halogen spotlights Fresnel and PAR were supplied as standard and they are powered by ETC bar with dimming strips with 6 channels (2.3kW per channel). The bar was hung on an aluminum structure. For colour painting and lighting effects on stage, spotlights Chauvet Lighting and LED parks with adequate IP protection were delivered.

The lighting control is done via Avolites Titan One control software installed on the computer.


The procurement of equipment included also the purchase and the delivery of a stage. The stage consists of aluminum segments measuring in total 6x4x3.5m. The stage itself is 5x4m in size and is made of aluminum segments of a single size of 2x1m and loadable with 750kg/m2. Waterproof plywood with anti-slip surface forms the top of the stage. On three sides is coated tarpaulin in order To protect performers and equipment from wind, rain and snow, the stage is coated with tarpaulin from three sides. 


All the quipment is connected with high-quality Sommer Cable speaker, microphone and DMX cables and Hicon connectors. The power cables and boxes are with IP67 protection.

As for the accessories, the suitcases for the protection of equipment, especially from bad weather conditions were supplied.


In addition, AVL Projekt also supplied the equipment for the sound reinforcement of the Christmas tree made of scaffolding design on which the members of different choirs will perform during the Winter Fest. The supplied the audio system consists of passive loudspeakers RCF ART 725, the amplifier RCF HPS 2500, while the audio mixing is done via RCF L-PAD 24CX USB.


All that is left now is that the citizens and guests of Novi Sad have a good time wherever they come to our city over the next two months.