Info kiosks for the Hotel Hilton in Podgorica, Montenegro

In autumn 2016, AVL Projekt delivered two information kiosks for the Hotel Hilton in Podgorica

  • Client: Telemont, Montenegro
  • Date of project: 2016

At the end of this September, Hilton Hotel was formally opened in Podgorica, Montenegro. This new landmark of the city, formerly known as Hotel Montenegro and located in the heart of the city, is in the close proximity to government offices, embassies, banks, gyms and city parks.



The client’s need and our solution


The management of the hotel wanted to convey information about events in the hotel area to its guests and visitors in a modern and dynamic way. As a solution, they chose the nformation kiosks for two monitors, sizes 32'' and 40 ''.



The supplied information kiosks


The delivery of the kiosks was carried out in cooperation withour partner company Telemont from Podgorica.

We delivered Edback IDS3205 (for monitor size 32 ") and Edback IDS4005 (for monitor size 40"). The cases of these kiosks are made of high quality black steel with appropriate vents for the cooling of the monitor. They are produced by Edbak, the company for which we are the official distributors for the territory of Serbia.