Sound Systems for Ambar, Toro and Burrito Madre

Today, music simply is an integral part of the life of every individual. Therefore, the investment in a good quality sound system is a smart business decision for almost all activities, especially for the restaurants.

  • Client: Ambar, Toro and Burrito Madre
  • Date of project: 2017

The sound is closely linked with a sense of comfort and convenience for the guests which simply encourages relaxation and their longer stay in a bar or a restaurant. For the restaurant owners, this means greater consumption and profit. Also, numerous studies confirm that guests, in addition to the interior of the premises and the great service, also think of music and the quality of sound as of the decisive factors in the selection of where to eat and have a drink.


Sound system for Ambar, Toro and Burrito Madre


Ambar, Toro and Burrito Madre are one of the most famous restaurants in Belgrade. They are recognised by excellent food and service, exceptional aesthetics of the space and of course a good sound. The sound that does not dominate the room, but adds to its comfort.

For this, the credit goes to audio systems installed by our team in all of the three restaurants. A common feature of all of them is the ease of use and reliable operation 24/7, 365 days. This is of great importance for employees in restaurants, especially in the moments when the restaurant filled its capacity to the fullest.

With smart planning, we also have achieved that the speakers are virtually unnoticeable in space, which is always the request of the owner of a restaurant, especially when aesthetics is an important part of the overall quality of a restaurant.