Sound system for gastro bar Petrus in Novi Sad

Petrus restaurant is just one of the many restaurants in Novi Sad, in which the AVL Projekt has installed a sound system.

  • Client: Gastro Bar Petrus, Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2017

Located on the street Modena in the center of Novi Sad, this restaurant, which is also a gallery, attracts the attention of many passers-by. Widely acclaimed for its attractive interior and delicious food, it is characterized by a large number of visitors throughout the week. All the more we are pleased that, due to the installed sound system, we indirectly influenced the creation of an attractive environment.


The installed sound system


Petrus is one of the few restaurants with such a high level of quality and capacity of the installed audio system. It has specifically been designed and then installed to meet the requirements characteristic for the reproduction of music during the day, and for the DJ performances in the evening, with a distinctive high sound pressure.


The multi-functionality of the installed audio system and the fact that it is about a large volume space with exceptional interior that in no way should have been compromised, made this installation one of the more demanding, and we are proud that we successfully carried out the work.