Mobile Stage for the "Vrdničak" organisation

Projects are not always large and complex. Regardless of this fact, they can be very special and dear to our hearts. One such was the delivery of a portable stage construction for the association "Vrdničak", at the end of March 2017.

  • Client: The "Vrdničak" organisation
  • Date of project: 2017

About "Vrdničak"


"Vrdničak" is a non-partisan, non-profit and non-governmental association that operates as a center for working with children, youth and families. The goals of the association are based on improving the quality of the existing education system at all levels, promoting the professional progress of employees in the field of health and social protection systems, as well as improving the concept of society whose quality of life is improved through participation and development of specific projects. The work of the association is financed hrough donations, by applying for funding the projects with government institutions, governmental and non-governmental domestic and foreign organizations that financially support these types of programs in our country.


The Supplied Stage


One of the projects that was realized in this way is the procurement of a stage, as the donation made by USAID. Everdeck portable stage (4x3m) was delivered, which is intended for both indoor and outdoor use. The dimensions of one stage segment (panel) are 200x100cm. The upper layer of the platform is made of waterproof and fireproof 12mm marine plywood with a non-slip surface.


The stage is certified for a load of 750 kg / m2.


Each platform is equipped with leg corners featuring adjustable height (from 60 to 100 cm), as well as appropriate adjustable stairs with handrails.


The delivered stage caused a lot of luck to those who were present there during its delivery and installation. And then we got presents.


We thank them from the bottom of our hearts.