RCF Evox 8 sound system for the hall of the Provincial Government in Novi Sad

AVL Projekt has recently delivered RCF audio system designed for the use in the lobby of the Provincial Government.

  • Client: Provincial Government, Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2017

The need of our clients


Due to deterioration of the equipment that was used as PA system for conferences and seminars in the buildings of the Provincial Government and the Assembly, it was necessary to get a new audio system to avoid extensive maintenance and repair. Namely, the competent departments of the Provincial Government receive during the year more than 500 requests by the provincial authorities for the organisation of different events that require the use of a sound system. This has caused the need to possess a reliable audio system, simple to use.


The implemented solution


On this occasion, the Assembly of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina announced a tender on which our company participated and won it.


The delivered sound system is intended to be used primarily in the hall of the Provincial Government, and, if necessary, to be carried into other rooms of the building of the Assembly and the Provincial Government.


The system consists of a two-way speaker set RCF EVOX 8, which is made up of a satellite and a subwoofer. The satellite is mounted on a rail that is built into the subwoofer and, if necessary, it can also be inserted in the subwoofer for easy transport. The wide horizontal distribution of sound and the vertical directivity allow uniform coverage of the entire hall and clear sound. In addition, we delivered an audio mixer RCF L-PAD 12CX that has a USB port for playback and recording of audio content with a dedicated compressor and EQ on inputs.


The complete system is connected with hybrid cable Monolith, manufactured by Sommer Cable. It transmits, in addition to the microphone signal, also an electric power for active speakers which facilitates faster connection of the whole audio system.


The delivered sound system is one of the standard. It represents an affordable system that combines excellent delivery of power and sound quality.

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