The interactive whiteboard for the Elementary School "Jovan Popović" from Novi Sad

Modern trends in education include the use of new multimedia technologies that create prerequisites for engaging all the senses in the process of acquiring new knowledge. In this way, teaching encourages creativity in students and ensure their active participation in learning.

  • Client: Elementary School "Jovan Popović" Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2017

The School Needs


Changes in the field of science and technology require modernization of the educational system and the development of interactive teaching methods, which are used in parallel with traditional didactic methods.

Motivated by this and thanks to the donation of the Oil Industry of Serbia, Elementary School "Jovan Popović" from Novi Sad has organized the procurement of interactive electronic board as a new teaching tool.


About installation


The 80" board has a built-in interactive system that connects to a computer and a video projector type "short throw". The operating speed of a single board in an interactive mode depends on the computer connected to the panel while the accuracy depends on the accuracy of the calibrations of the interactive whiteboard.


With its characteristics, it allows the users to watch videos of different formats and photos in high resolution, the implementation of a large number of educational software, and editing documents on site using different software applications. Also, this "smart" panel provides additional options: e.g. as a means of educating the teaching staff through seminars, presentations and similar activities.


This is a good spot to point out that Casio projectors are excellent choice for "ultra short" projections. What distinguishes them from their competition is an excellent quality/price relation. Moreover, the price is very affordable for the Serbian market.

All Casio projectors are lamp free, have a laser light source with a much lower power consumption, a laser source lifetime is 20,000 hours. They very rarely break down which explains a manufacturer's warranty of 5 years.

They also offer the possibility of wireless communication between the image source and the projector.

What is particularly interesting for the end users is the quick turn on or off the projector, because it does not have to wait for the lamp to heat or cool adequatly. 

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