AVL Projekt delivered light and sound equipment for Újvidéki Színház - Novi Sad Theater

Újvidéki Színház - The Novi Sad Theater was founded in 1974 with the idea of ​​contributing to the preservation of the cultural identity of Hungarians in Vojvodina. Over time, it has managed to become not only the gathering place of the Hungarian elite, but it has overcome the Hungarian framework, and today it is famous for one of the most relevant theater addresses in Serbia and the region.

  • Client: Újvidéki Színház - The Novi Sad Theater
  • Date of project: 2017

AVL Projekt won a part of the tender entitled "Light and Sound Equipment" with the opportunity to deliver lighting and sound for this Novi Sad theater.


Delivered solution


The profile reflectors ETC S4 Jr, of fixed angle of 50 degrees, total of 12 pieces were delivered. These reflectors use the HPL bulb and provide an electric energy saving of 25 to 40% compared to reflectors with a conventional bulb. They have thermally insulated handles and dual clamps that allow safe fixing of the reflector in the desired position. The construction is made of cast aluminum with a single-handedly adjustable focus mechanism. With rotary blade mechanism ± 25 °, made of stainless steel and set in 2 levels, it is possible to make a light beam shape according to the desire of a light designer with a sharp or soft edge. Alongside the reflectors, an optional accessory, such as a mushroom holder and iris, were also supplied.


To monitor the actors on the scene and highlight the scenography elements, followspot with a 1200W halogen lamp on the tripod stand was delivered and it features an iris and color changer with the ability to adjust the focus and beam width. The delivered model is from the manufacturer Lycian, the ZOT 12 model, which is characterized by excellent optics and is therefore accepted as a standard on a world level.


The sound system consists of the two-way active monitor system RCF ST12-SMA 12"+1", with power of 400Wrms and the wireless microphone systems manufactured by Sennheiser and its e945 dynamic super-cardioid headset that features uncompromised quality for wireless communication in environments with various types of disturbances in space. Various models of Audix microphones were supplied: L5O - omnidirectional mini lavalier microphone, OM3 - dynamic microphone, hypercardioid, for vocals and instruments and i5 - dynamic vocal microphone with cardioid pattern.