LITEC Chain Hoists for Grand Production

6 LITEC chain hoists have found their place in the Grand Studio at Košutnjak this September.

  • Client: Grand Production
  • Date of project: 2017

About delivery


Our long-term customer Grand Production has again purchased LITEC chain hoists from us. The purchased model Exe Rise is aimed at raising scenographic elements in the Grand TV Studio in Košunjak.

The supplied chain hoists have a load of 500kg, in standard D8, but with a larger safety factor of 8: 1, as well as a double brake. Lifting height is 20m and the chains are packed in the appropriate bags for chaining when lifting and lowering. Engine lifting and lowering control is carried out via a standard direct controller with a CEE 4x16A plug.


Exe Rise chain hoists have all the necessary certificates that are in line with Serbian and EU legislation for this type of equipment.

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