LED screen and Video-lighting Equipment for the New Season of Shows on Prva TV

Prva TV, with its rich serial, film, entertainment, sports and information programmes that corresponds to the different interests of Serbian audience has been justifying the status of the most viewed commercial television in Serbia for some time.

  • Client: Prva TV
  • Date of project: 2017

Client request


This flattering status binds the responsible people of the Prva TV to continually strive to increase the quality not only of the program, but also of the technical and technological standards in its creation. Keeping this in mind, the authorities from the Prva TV contacted the AVL Projekt as a reliable partner in equipping the TV studio for the supply of LED screen and accompanying video and lighting equipment.


Delivered equipment


A curved, indoor LED screen of an imposing resolution and dimension of 816x240cm, as well as with pixel pitch of P2.7m, with a stand was delivered. The LED screen is an integral part of the set design for the well-known show "Evening with Ivan Ivanovic". In cooperation with the set designers from Prva TV, our team has designed a construction for LED screen that perfectly fits into the studio's own design.

LED panels which compose the LED screen have dimensions 480x480mm. They can be easily and quickly disassembled and used for other purposes in the studio.


CHRISTIE media server Pandora Box was also delivered for displaying the content on the LED screen. Media server processes and stores video content. Each output can be individually designed on a curved surface with no visible edge between the projected images, and allows you to adjust the desired output resolution to be equal to the resolution of the LED screen.


As an additional boost for the new season of the show “150 minute”, a 2x2m Hyundai video wall was added, with a 3.7mm bezel between monitors. The supplied professional monitors have a built-in video wall function, making them easy to set, and the video signal does not require an additional video matrix. Thanks to this, transferring current news, interesting things from the world of famous, dealing with topics on health, nutrition, beauty, parenting and culture, which make up the backbone of the afternoon magazine, will be more effective.


Chauvet LED EPIX STRIP TOUR, for pixel mapping, was also delivered. It is 1 m long and has 50 LEDs in series, and provides a viewing angle of 125˚. Power is enabled through the appropriate drivers with control protocols DMX, Art-Net, Kling-Net or sACN. For added scene effects, an arc-shaped frost filter is also available which allows the viewing angle to be extended to 180 degrees.