Multi-zone Sound System for the new Harley-Davidson Retail Shop in Belgrade

If a good sound comes with a brand, then it's certainly Harley-Davidson. Whether it be H-D biker gatherings where loud rock&rol gig is indispensable, or a Harley-Davidson retailer shop with its distinctive interior design consisting of the invisible element like the perfect sound of country or rock doesn’t matter.

  • Client: Harley-Davidson Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2017

The needs of our client


In mid-September 2017, Harley-Davidson moved to a new and significantly larger commercial area. It is an area of ​​over 250 m2, divided into several separate units: sales area, coffee bar with seating corner, service area and offices, dressing rooms and toilets.

As each of these areas performs different types of day-to-day activities, it was necessary to devise a multi-zone system that would be managed by different people, each of them in its own space in which he/she performs everyday and typical tasks.


Installed RCF sound system


Out team installed RCF audio system which consists of:

·         RCF monitor 55 wall mount loudspeakers

·         RCF passive subwoofer S4012

·         RCF PL 8X  ceiling speakers for toilets and wardrobe

·         RCF 4-channel amplifiers DPS 604X

·         Xilica processors U0808

·         Radial JPC   stereo PC DI boxes

·         JBL Control One  speakers


All employees have been installed applications on their mobile phones and business computers through which they have the ability to control the volume of the sound or to completely mute it in precisely defined areas. At the same time, managers are given access to volume settings in the entire space.


The installed system and the achieved quality of sound additionally emphasized the general comfort of staying at the Harley-Davidson store, while the interior hadn’t been affected in any way.