CASIO Projectors and RCF Sound System for the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad

The Academy of Arts in Novi Sad was founded in 1974. Since that time the Academy has developed rapidly, with a successful symbiosis of educational, artistic and scientific work, towards one of the most important art institutions, even in the former Yugoslavia, and certainly as one of the most successful colleges of the University of Novi Sad. It has become an open space for artistic, pedagogical and scientific innovations.

  • Client: Academy of Arts in Novi Sad
  • Date of project: 2017

Needs of the Academy of Arts in Novi Sad


In order to improve its teaching activities, this educational institution announced in September 2017 a public procurement for the purchase of projectors and studio monitors. With successful participation in the tender, AVL Projekt was given the opportunity to deliver CASIO projectors and RCF studio monitors.



About the supplied products


All CASIO projectors have a LEDlaser light source. This means that there are no maintenance costs because there is no lamp that that needs to be changed. With a lifetime of a LEDlight source of 20,000 hours, this gives a customer 10 years of use, assuming that the projector is used every day for 8 hours.

The only cost is the one for the electric power used. However, it is also reduced to 40%.

The projected image is of the highest possible quality, with constant brightness and extraordinary color reproduction, even in daylight. They are extremely reliable in day-to-day operation, as all the key parts of the projector are shielded: laser, filters, optics, and power supply. Keeping in mind this, to dust the projector is basicly the only job yout have with it.


The Quick On/Off feature is also very important because the projector is ready for operation within 5-6 seconds. Therefore, there is no waiting for cooling or heating the lamp. In addition, all CASIO projectors have a warranty of 5 years or 10,000 hours of operation.


One of two different models delivered, the XJ-F210WN has the ability to be upgraded using a USB dongle/adapter. It is designed to establish wireless communication, so it becomes possible to achieve collaboration between 4 video sources such as a computer, a tablet, or a phone. Communication is accomplished through free C-Assist software, which is adapted for both Windows and iOS devices. It can be downloaded on Google Play or Apple Store. Thanks to it, it's easy to share an image between 4 users.

By connecting the USB adapter to the local network, within the software you get an electronic pen with which you can write during or after the presentation, and, if necessary, record the changes. All this is extremely welcome to a teacher in a school or a college.


Also RCF AYRA loudspeakers were delivered. These 2-way active monitors represent an optimized solution to provide the best possible sound for a variety of applications: home studio, multimedia games, or as a monitor for your personal computer.