Video Presentation System for Magna Seating in Odzaci

The Canadian company Magna Seating has been present in Serbia since 2012, when a factory for production of car textile for the world automotive brands began operating in Odzaci. Like in other parts of the world, Magna Seating and Serbia combine the spirit of initiative with top-notch operation, with the care for an individual, society and environment. Currently, 1500 people works at 10,000 m2 factory.

  • Client: Magna Seating, Odzaci, Serbia
  • Date of project: 2017

Established cooperation


After our team had held a successful presentation of laser projectors, professional monitors and wireless/non-wireless video signal distribution systems in the company's meeting rooms, the factory management decided to buy products that would help them better plan future business and make budget for future projects.


One of the requirements regarding the projectors was that they could work all day, without interruption, while retaining the same image quality with constant illumination, with minimal noise and temperature dissipation. The choice fell on Casio projectors with a laser light source, specifically on the model XJ-V2 in XGA resolution suitable for a comfortable display of excel tables that are normally displayed on a projection surface.

Furthermore, factory management called for a "smart" choice, more precisely a combination of reliability and longevity, with low maintenance costs, and Casio projectors are exactly that. There is no bulb replacement, and all the key parts of the projector are shielded: a laser part, filters, optics, and power. Practically, maintenance is reduced to wiping the dust. At the same time, the lifetime of the light source is 20,000 hours in everyday 8-hour work, which gives 10 years of use.


Another type of delivered Casio projector was an ultra-slim model with height of less than 5cm, XJ-A252 with 3000 ANSI lumens output power and WXGA resolution. It comes with a carrying bag and is suitable for transferring for various presentations in the company, as well as for quick launching of the presentation as ON/OFF operates within 5-6 seconds. This is a great advantage in relation to lamp projectors that require significantly more time to start, and also to stop working, because it is necessary to wait for the lamp to cool down.


The distribution of video signals between the computer and the projector/monitor is done via the ATEN VE809 wireless extender. This device is ideal for transmitting HD resolutions up to 30m without any disturbances during operation since it is immune to interference from other devices and their bluetooth/wireless communications. In order to ensure the quality of the wireless extender, we recommend that you call us and schedule a presentation in your place or to visit us in our show room.


For the transfer of professional monitors between offices in a simple way, the floor standing trolley EDBAK TR4 was delivered. It supports 37" to 60" monitors and has a load capacity of up to 80kg. Its height can be adjusted anywhere between the range of 30cm to 170cm .