Rail Systems And Curtains for Two Studios of Al Jazeera Balkans

Everything is important when it comes to equipping a TV studio. Tone, picture, but also the design of the interior itself. For this purpose, in November 2017, AVL ProjeKt delivered rail systems and curtains for two Al Jazeera Balkans studios, one in Belgrade, the other in Zagreb.

  • Client: Studio Romb, Zemun
  • Date of project: 2017

About the supplied equipment


Al Jazeera is the first global media company to reach the Balkans in 2011, becoming the first regional news channel in the country. Al Jazeera Balkans broadcasts news and reports on current developments in the region, including Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia, Kosovo and Slovenia. The channel, in addition to the central studio in Sarajevo, has regional centers in Zagreb, Belgrade, Skopje and Podgorica. Its correspondents can be found in Pristina, Niš, Banja Luka, as well as in Washington, London and Brussels.


As we have already mentioned, in addition to cameras, spotlights and microphones, another important thing in anyTV studio is the curtains when they are part of the set design. As a rule, they plug into the rail systems and, if necessary, can change their position, when required by the scene. The movement is carried out by means of trolleys built into the rail system.


In addition to the "participation" in the realization of the projected design, the role of the curtain is to be an absorber of noise, which is achieved in these studios. AVL Projekt delivered Showtex Molton curtains which have very good absorption properties. They weight 300 g/m2. It is important to note that their absorption effects are further enhanced by wraping them, even 50% or more. The delivered curtains are of the same type, Molton, but of different dimensions: 500x230cm and 790x250cm. On the lower edge of the curtain there is a "pocket" that serves to insert the tube in order to get an arc effect, as in this case, or to insert the weights in order to curl the curtain.

Showtex Molton curtains also have a fire proof certificate according to the standards BS 5867 PART 2 TYPE B (2008), DIN 4102 CLASS B1 and NF P 92-503-507 CLASS M1.


When we talk about the rail system, the Showtex ShowPipe was delivered. This system is easy to install and therefore it can easily be installed on existing pipes or mounted on the ceiling in the TV studio. The profile is made of aluminum tube, diameter 50mm, with easy assembly of trolleys which carry the curtains.

The ShowPipe rail system can be straight or curved. For the two Al Jazeera studios in Belgrade and Zagreb, we delivered curved pipes of different sizes: 567cm and 900 cm. Both types can be manually controlled or motorized with DMX control. The ways of shifting the curtains can also be adapted to the client's desire, from left to right and vice versa, from center to end and vice versa.


The delivered trolley is the result of many years of experience of Showtex, so there is no problem with curtain closing or braking, which is often found in practice in poor quality solutions. Thanks to these carts, the curtain slides across the rail without any disturbance, and at the ends of the rails the stops are installed that prevent the curtain from falling off the rail itself.


The partner on the project was Studio Romb from Zemun.