Sound System For The Restaurant National Class in Belgrade

At the site of the former national restaurant Ušće, which marked the entire epoch of Belgrade, the restaurant National Class was opened. The restaurant is located in one of the most beautiful locations in Belgrade, at the confluence of the Sava in the Danube, overlooking the Kalemegdan and the river.

  • Client: The Restaurant National Class in Belgrade
  • Date of project: 2017

About the restaurant National Class


The National Class has been inspired by the former way of life, music whose rhythms are still delighted to listen, entertainment in the company of family and friends who always have time, a kitchen whose smells and tastes return to childhood by being remembered through the authentic food offer. "The National Class wants to return the former spirit of the city through a modern look," they said in the restaurant, adding that everything on the menu was prepared in a traditional way and served in accordance with today's requirements: modern and recognizable.



AVL Projekt and National Class


The owner of the restaurant National Class has contacted us to propose a conceptual solution for sounding the restaurant. The contact was not accidental. We have previously worked on designing and installing the sound system for Manufaktura restaurant in the center of Belgrade, which is in the same ownership as the National Class Restaurant.


After reviewing the owner's wishes and needs, as well as the peculiarity of the space itself, we designed the solution that we installed after the final acceptance.


The high quality sound system was installed, which will serve for playing music over the day, but also for live performances in the evening with high sound pressure. The sound system consists of the equipment of our suppliers, RCF and Xilica, which successfully solved the topic of large volume space and exceptional interior that should not be disturbed by anything.


Restaurant National Class is the very top Belgrade restaurant, a pearl to be visited to feel all the magic of this place. Magic like food, service and pleasant tones. It is also another in a range of catering facilities in which we have installed high quality and long lasting solutions that serve their purpose.