Sound system, Lighting and Video Equipment for the Cultural Center of Novi Bečej Municipality

The Cultural Center of the Municipality of Novi Bečej is a public institution whose main activity is the creation and presentation of programs in the area of culture in the city. The founder of the institution is the municipality of Novi Becej. In its work this house of culture has clear goals ahead: to preserve the tradition of oblivion and to continuously promote culture at the local level in any form.

  • Client: Cultural Center of Novi Bečej
  • Date of project: 2017

At the end of this year, the Municipality of Novi Bečej announced a tender for the purchase of technical and technological equipment of the last generation in order to provide the Cultural Center with successful continuation in the creation of diverse cultural contents. After successful participation in the tender, AVL Projekt was given the opportunity to deliver a variety of audio, video and lighting equipment.


About the supplied equipment and installed solutions


The video presentation system consists of SONY professional monitors in 4K resolution. These are the Sony 75XE8501 75" and 65XE8501 65" which found their place in the exhibition hall and gallery of the cultural center and coffee bar. The basic feature of professional screens is the ability to operate 24/7 without visible degradation in image quality, even after several years of use, which is not the case with home screens. The next important feature is their brightness. Namely, as these screens are intended for use in public spaces with strong ambient light, due to which the images on the screen can be pale and colourless, professional displays have to "beat" ambient light to make the images and colors clear.

Furthermore, in addition to impact resistance, the glass surface of the screen is specially designed to reduce the reflection of ambient light.

The supplied models have a built-in USB Media Player that enables fast and easy display of messages and the advertising of products and services, without the need for additional hardware and software.


For booth presentations in the exhibition hall, the Sony VPL-PHZ10 projector with laser light source (5000Lumens and WUXGA resolution) will be used instead of outdated technology with a bulb, which practically means no maintenance costs. The selected projector features an efficient laser projection with excellent image quality. The image will be projected onto the MW SCREENS Rollfix Pro Electric RC projection screen. The dimensions of the projected image are 292x183cm, format 16:10. For playing video content laptop and BluRay player will be used, which we also delivered.


The video distribution system is based on the latest HDBaseT technology that enables the simultaneous transfer of uncompressed HD content to distances of up to 100m without loss in image quality. Through one shielded (wide) TP cable Cat5e/6 it is possible to transmit audio and video signals, network, power and control signal at the same time. The central part is the 9x9 ATEN VM3909H video matrix with the corresponding receivers for professional monitors from the same manufacturer and the VE801R model. The system can be subsequently easily upgraded with additional professional monitors that will easily integrate into the existing video distribution system.


Mobile sound system for presentations and other events in the municipality consists of RCF EVOX 8 active speaker system and RCF L-PAD 12CX audio console with built-in MP3 player and recorder, and of 3 sets of Sennheiser wireless microphones with manual transmitter and headphone built into the portable rivers. EVOX 8 is characterized by a wide horizontal angle of radiation and vertical orientation, enabling even sound coverage throughout the entire exhibition space and clear sound.


The ambient multi-zone sound system is implemented as 100V installations with built-in ceiling speakers RCF PL 60. Fonestar MPZ-461 has been used as an audio source. It is a 4-zone amplifier with a 5-channel input matrix, with the ability to play music from a USB or SD card, or from the FM Tuner. Fonestar M-46, a 4-zone condenser desktop microphone, was also delivered as a call-in microphone for announcing the event.


The lighting system for the gallery consists of a rail system mounted on the ceiling and Chauvet EVE TF-20 reflectors in white. The mentioned reflectors are derived in LED technology, with 20W power, with warm white light whose lighting power can be regulated via dimmer if needed. The reflectors have a flap with which the beam can be directed and in this way emphasize the exhibit item or picture.


In a few days, a ceremony will be held on the occasion of the completion of the reconstruction of the entire facility and the procurement of new equipment. The hosts expect a visit to the Minister of Culture, and we expect nice photographs that will be announced after the ceremony.